Guangzhou Dockyards have signed “Cidade de Ilhabela”FPSO conversion contract with SBM

Guangzhou Dockyards have signed “Cidade de Ilhabela”FPSO conversion contract with SBM

Pic. Chairman of Guangzhou Dockyards Mr ZHANG Qinghuan and Advanced Project Manager of SBM Mr Alex BRIGDEN

The Company makes a great effect at the beginning of Chinese Dragon year, which is about the “Cidade de Ilhabela” fully conversion contract. After a prolonged endeavor, this conversion contract finally awarded to the Company by SBM. The contract requires Company to convert the VLCC“Cidade de Ilhabela” to FPSO, main tasks are special mooring system add-oninport/outport platform and main deck renewalreinforcement in tankrebuilding accommodation and combustion foundationengineroom reconditioncargo hole blastingand special coating etc.this project is completing at 1st June, 2013. 

Chairman of Company Mr ZHANG Qinghuan appreciated the support, cooperation and trust from SBM, and expressed that the Company will continue to improve production design, project management, production organization and sub-contraction management tasks, to do Company’s best in order to assure the vessel deliver on time. 

The “Cidade de Ilhabela” pre-work conversion contract was signed on 28th July, 2011, the vessel then enter the shipyard for the pre-work conversion. Under the support and instruct during these five months, Company obtained great effort on the pre-work conversion and acquired the appreciation from SBM.


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